Mar-Con Wire Belt

Mar-Con Wire Belt

Mar-Con is your one stop source for your metal conveyor belting needs. 


Shown Below are the most common styles of wire mesh belting. Many other styles and variations are available. If you are unable to find your mesh style please contact a Mar-Con representative for more detailed information. Please click on the photograph for more detailed information about each mesh style

Equalized/Balanced Weave

Equalized weave is the most commonly used style of wire mesh. Opening sizes are available to suit almost all applications.

Chain Drive Belting

In most applications adding drive chain to the mesh provides a far greater value. Although the initial cost is greater, the life and reliability of the belting is significantly increased. Chain driving the mesh significantly increases the overall strength, increasing the potential width and length of the belting.

Compound Balanced Weave

Compound Balanced Weave is an tightly woven style of mesh, most commonly used in bakery applications. It is also suitable for carrying small parts such as nuts, screws and rivets.

Mar-Grid Spiral Belting

Mar-Grid belting has an integral side link that allows the belting to be used in positive-drive applications and where the belting must turn a corner. Common applications are spiral freezers and cookers.

Mar-Con Batter Belting

Mar-Con Batter Belting is designed to be used in high-speed, high volume food battering operations. It is also commonly used in meat cookers and drip-off conveyors.

Flat Wire Belting

Flat wire belting is an inexpensive and strong wire belting that is used in applications that can tolerate larger opening sizes. Common applications include bottle washing and fish processing.

Light-Wire Belting

Light-Wire belting is used in applications that require a large amount of open space and cleanliness. This belting often used in lightly loaded applications such as candy manufacturing.

Other Mesh and Belt Styles

A large number of other belting styles are available to suit a variety of applications. In addition, there are a number of attachments and variations to provide for product retention, indexing, etc.

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